Fazl-E-Omar Public School is run by Fazl-E-Omar Educational Trust. The School was started in 1992. It aims to develop educational institutions of high standard and to facilitate better education. The school emphasizes the need to get enlightened by education, to get organized to march forward and to get enriched by industrialization.

Building & Facilities

The School is functioning in its own Higher Secondary and KG buildings and equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures, computer labs, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Laboratories, Audio-Visual and Digital Class Rooms.

Co-Curricular activities

Our school gives more importance to co-curriclar activities undertaken by different houses and clubs.All our cultural activities are conducted house-wise - Awwal, Sani, Salis and Rabi. Clubs participate in language based events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Writing etc.

Co-Scholastic clubs

The school has Music, Drawing and Painting, Environment, News Readers, Literary, Mathematics, Science, and English clubs which undertakes, Projects and Field Trip / Excursion. The objective of these clubs are to inculcate service mind in our students and to promote compassion, kindness and values of life in student community. These clubs are functioning under the guidance of teachers to develop the histrionic talents of the students.

Educational visit

All classes will be taken out on excursions to places of historical, geographical and scientific interest. The pupils will have to spend for themselves for long trips.

Mass P.T & drill

One period a week is set apart for mass drill and P.T. Inter-House P.T. and drill competitions are held annually.

Medical check-up

Medical check-up of each and every child will be conducted by a team of specialised doctors.