Faz-E-Omar Public School provides the best of infrastructure facilities and environment conducive to prepare our students to set into the emerging New Era and travel towards a new Horizon. Today Fazl-E-Omar Public School has grown to cater to the educational needs of our students. The School is equipped with full fledged spacious classrooms, Laboratories, Computer Labs, Audio-Visual Theatre, Digital Class Rooms, Library, Playground, Children's Park and School Buses.


The classrooms are spacious, well-lighted, large and airy and provide the most conducive atmosphere for effective learning. Many class rooms are fitted with interactive boards and networking facilities. Lessons are delivered through the use of advanced technology including LCD projectors, Computer Systems, Multimedia Content, animation and videos to make the lessons more informative, interactive and interesting.


The school has well equipped Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths Laboratories. It facilitates students to learn through practical investigations, develop skills of observation to compare test and communicate.


The school has a good collection of books on various subjects like arts, literature, science, fiction and general knowledge. The library subscribes to most of the national and local newspapers and magazines. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books.